The Season of Harvest 

 How fitting that we should be about to interview candidates for out new Vicar at the start of the Harvest Season! It is a time when we reap what we have sown and give thanks for the abundance of blessings that God has poured on us. As we approach the day of interviewing we are reaping the harvest of all the prayer, planning and preparation that started last November when Ray retired. All the hours of Interregnum Prayer in both churches and privately, the planning and production of the Parish Profile, the building of the vicarage and the many things which count as ‘small stuff’ such as the purchase of a new ‘vicars chair‘ for the office and Eileen, Margaret and Caroline’s sterling efforts smartening up the outside of the church, have been the ground work and sowing of the seed.
Farmers needed to do their part in planting to be able to reap ( Prov 6:8 ) and your prayers have been a vital part in nurturing and protecting the church while the seed grew, and we trust in the Lord in bringing it to completion. Like an expectant mother, we have had nine months of waiting, but rather than being a ‘fallow time’, the Interregnum has been a time of spiritual growth and blessing in our churches, when we have had some of our most powerful encounters with God and grown even closer together as a congregation.
Of course, great joy accompanied the harvest ( Isa 9:3 ) and we trust and pray that there will be great joy when we appoint our new Vicar, although there will be a time of some adjustment as we hand over the reins!  We are excited to see who God has in store for us, and what fruits will come from this Harvest.  

Susan Haward, 08/09/2017