May we never lose the wonder ... 

Hi guys and gals at home and abroad: here're the details of the BSSM ministry trip to India I get to go on next March. If you're interested in sowing into what we shall be doing on the trip, and would like to support me financially or in prayer (or both) I'll be getting in touch with some of you over the coming months to let you know how you can do that.

"God’s spirit is blowing over India. In the second most populous nation in the world, a country with millions of gods, over 700 languages, and a hunger for the supernatural, WE get to bring the love of the Father. This trip's focus is simple: to love. We will love on the lost, the church, the leaders, the poor, the orphans, and the outcasts. 

This year, we will be traveling to Kolkata, a spiritual hub of India. It is there that we will partner with a ministry which is already seeing God move tremendously. We encourage you to apply if you love to worship, see atmospheres shift, minister to children, share the gospel, pray for the sick, and encourage the church. Oh, and we will be giving LOTS of hugs! 

This trip is not for the faint of heart. The conditions may not be the most comfortable, and you will need to be prepared to love no matter the circumstance. Also, you can be ready to try new foods and be immersed into the wonderful Indian culture! If you want to grow in love and learn how to stop and make a difference wherever you are then this is the trip for you!"

It's a trip absolutely made for me and I'm so excited.  This will be my seventh, I think, trip to India. All the others have been as a holiday-maker, taking pictures of the very things we shall be ministering into on this trip.  Last January in Goa I felt Father challenging me about just being an observer in a country which needs His love so much.  Now I get to give back just a little.

Just a little testimony;  We had to give five choices for our trip.  I had put Mozambique down as my first choice, and asked Abba to give it to me as a gift - I mentioned this in my last blog.  I had India down as second choice.  Yesterday morning (I got my acceptance on the India trip this morning) I woke up with the word INDIA clearly in my mind - I could see it spelled out - so cool!  So I said to God, "I think you may be saying I'm going to India, but I asked for Mozambique- I really want to go to Mozambique"  And He replied:  "You asked me for a gift.  This is going to be as if you had asked for a bicycle, but I am giving you a car."!  So when I saw the email confirming India this morning you can imagine I was thrilled and excited.  

Today my City Service team got to visit a home in Redding to love and pray for healing for a 94-year-old lady and her family.  It's a family that really needs to know the Father's love.  It was such a privilege to spend time with them and to see the change in their faces by the time we left.  I get to do this weekly for the rest of this year, and I am so pleased I chose this particular City Service.

Watch out for more blog posts folks - I'm on a roll.

Blessings ... many blessings ... from Redding.



PS - It's grey, cold and rainy today just to cheer you all up :)  

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Lizzie Simpson, 14/11/2014