Heavenly Hope and Expectation 

Advent reminds us that God is not just the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He is also a Re-creating, Renewing and Restoring God. The word 'adventus' means 'coming' and is associated with the birth of Jesus born in Bethlehem. Advent calendars count down the days to Christmas and we prepare again to celebrate that astonishing moment two millennia ago when God came to be 'with us' as one of us. Advent also bids us to look forward, to a time when Jesus will 'come again' in glory at the end of the present age, to judge and redeem this fallen world and usher in a new creation of everlasting joy and peace
But Advent is about even more than the past Nativity or future return of Jesus. It is about the creative life of Jesus at work in us here and now - about God's continual 'coming' to us in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. As Jesus confirmed when he was preparing for his death, resurrection and return to the Father, God does not leave his people bereft: he comes to us again, and again, through the Spirit who conceived Jesus and anointed him for ministry, and who will equip us for mission in this ever-changing world (John 14:16-19)
In love, Ray

Ray Sammé, 05/12/2014