Psalm 119:71

 ‘It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees’.

Strange to say but I was glad that God put me aside because I was able to meditate more on His word and my own relationship with Him. This is a truth that I learned over the Christmas period. God normally speaks to me every day, opening truths that I would never learn from books or other people but over this period I have had a sustained period of listening and agreeing with Him concerning various things that He wanted me to attend to. 

Rest Here

On a different note, I must apologise for last Sunday at Church. I was diagnosed a day later with post viral confusion and depression, a common condition after contracting flu. If I said things to you that didn’t make sense, please forgive me but my head felt like cotton wool and a fog descended on my thinking. Carol, bless her, said that it is normal for me.

Happy New Year! Ray

Ray Samme, 06/01/2015