He is Risen 

The Easter response will be joyfully declared from churches around the World, ‘He is risen indeed’. Jesus holds the keys of death and hell (Rev. 1:18) and has all authority in heaven and Earth because he has risen from the dead. The resurrection proves Jesus’ triumph at Calvary. The empty grave was not to allow Jesus out but to allow us in to see and believe in his victory.
The great Puritan writer, John Owen, spoke of ‘the death of Death in the death of Christ’. By this he meant the inexhaustible life of God meets death, eats it up and exhausts it. Jesus demonstrates that life exists beyond the desolation and destruction of the Cross and that his life is now available to anyone who believes. Death is not the final word on our existence for the resurrection opens up new ways of bravely living and loving in this life.
In love,

Ray Sammé, 15/04/2015