Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp? 

They say confession is good for the soul….so here goes. I just don’t get ‘Facebook’…there I said it. I really am not interested in the minute details and endless selfies of people gurning at a camera. The Facebook Generation sums up what philosophers identify as Living for the Moment, no past, no future, just the endless moment of life lived now. Like one of those pond-skaters that skim across the surface of the water, we endlessly surf the net, drifting across time and space. I suspect, Facebook will have a short shelf-life before another web-site emerges that will feed the frenzied consumer lifestyle we have adopted.
The problem is that we are becoming dislocated from real community, not knowing the people living next door to us but having friendships with others living perhaps in another country. This rootlessness is perhaps behind the desire to take lots of photos and information about ourselves in order to prove that we are not invisible and to validate our existence. Of course, true community exists within the church, or should do.

Ray Sammé, 22/03/2015