The Only Way is Ethics 

You may recall that I did a sermon series a couple of years ago called, ‘The Only way is Ethics’. I think the time is right to visit a few more controversial issues that we as Christians need to think about. This time I have asked a few outside speakers to come and address the issues I have in mind who have written articles or books on the subject in hand. The only problem is that the series will be ‘scattered’ throughout the year depending on the availability of the speakers. I have invited Simon Burton-Jones to talk about ‘Politics and Religion’ (17th June), ideally it would have been before the General Election but unfortunately time commitments meant that he could make it beforehand. I have invited Ben Collins CEO of Stephen James BMW to speak on ‘Christianity in the Work-place’ (28th June). I have invited Sean Doherty, Ethics lecturer at St. Mellitus College to speak on ‘Sex’ (13th Sept). I have also invited Bishop Nazir-Ali to speak on ‘Biomedical Ethics’ in the Autumn (4th October). Lastly, I have invited Roland Price to speak on ‘Creation’ (date tbc). I hope this whets your appetite for what will prove to be a challenging series.

Ray Sammé, 15/03/2015