Anchor 18-30s

 My name is Bethany and I'm from Hope Community Church in Swanley. Since January, I've been running an 18s-30s group in our church called Anchors along with my sister Beki. 
How Anchors came about: I first approached Alwyn about this as, having returned from Liverpool where I had run a similar group, I noticed that there seemed to be a gap for this kind of group in the surrounding areas. Upon speaking to others in a similar age range, they felt the same with often people having to go to Orpington, Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks to find Christians/people their age. When we met, initially, as a group of 18s-30s from Hope Community Church, we agreed that we didn't just want it to be a group for HCC. We wanted it to have the following aims:
To be a group for other Christians of similar ages from different churches to come and meet up (we're not trying to poach anyone!)
To spread the word and love of God to people who aren't Christians in a similar age bracket. In January, we had 10 people come along to the group and now - regularly, we have 18-20 people in attendance. This includes some people who aren't Christians and 2 people have recently been on an Alpha course as a result of Anchors which is amazing news. We'd love to open this up to your church and anyone in this age bracket in your church.
We're having a BBQ & Quiz on Saturday 23 September and we would love to invite anyone in that age bracket along to the event.  Thanks, and if you could keep us in your prayers - that would be amazing!