Hextable Healing Centre

Welcome to Hextable Healing Centre

This is a place where we love to see people touched with the power and love of God 

Why healing prayer?

The Bible clearly shows us that Jesus healed people and that He gave His authority to His followers to do the same. Our love for Jesus and our love for praying for people is the reason for our desire to pray for healing
We believe that God is a loving Father and that His heart is for all people to be well and living without the burden of sickness and disease
God doesn’t cause or desire that people are unwell or sick

When and Where?

The Hextable Healing Centre is held at STP Hextable on the third Saturday morning each month from 10-12am

The next Healing Centre is Saturday 21st July

Do you have a healing testimony?

We love to hear about the power of God at work in the world so if you have a testimony of how you have been healed, or your life has been touched by the presence of God, then it would be amazing if you could download the attached form and let us know! FORM


"I had experienced pain in my right braest for a couple of weeks and my GP found a lump. After coming to the Healing Centre for prayer the Breast Clinic clinic found no lump, which was confirmed by the follow up ultrasound and scan".
SA January 2017

"I had suffered from arthritis for over a year in both shoulders, feet and right wrist. After prayer I have had no pain for a month in my right wrist and right foot."
EL January 2017

"I had pain in my jaw from a hairline fracture. After prayer the pain went away".
LL December 2016

"A man attended the last HHC. He was in a wheelchair and has been unable to walk unaided or independently. The doctor's diagnosis of his condition was hydrocephalus (water on the brain) He has had this condition since birth. After prayer he was able to walk at least 20 steps without support/unaided"

October 2015


"A lady had been suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury with her hands for four years. She said that she could cope with it most days but that week it had been causing a lot of discomfort. After prayer at the Centre she said " My hands became easier to move, no more stiffness existed"    Praise God !!

June 2015

For more info?

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